• The Nicholson Residence


    The Nicholsons wanted a tidy landscape with curves and a natural look.

  • Why hire a Landscape Architect?
    • Landscape architects plan projects that benefit communities with safe, attractive amenities and create positive economic impact for communities.
    • Landscape architects are licensed within the state they practice in order to provide the public with qualified individuals that engage in professional practice.
    • Landscape architects graduate from a 4yr+ LAAB accredited program and practice under a licensed practitioner for 2-3 years.
    • Landscape architects pass the nationally approved LARE test through CLARB and support their license with 24 required CEU’s every 2 years.
  • Complete Streets in St. Louis County

    CompletestreetspostComplete Streets policies promote the creation of more walkable and public transportation-oriented communities, thereby improving pedestrian safety, encouraging healthy and active lifestyles, helping improve air quality and reduce energy consumption. 

    Read more about how complete streets are improving our communities in the articles below:

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  • Beauty & Sustainability Can Equal Cost Savings

    Sustainability, Beauty & Cost Savings

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis case study from the City of Santa Monica discusses residents’ reluctance to change energy consumptive habits until cost savings is added into the equation.  Great article!  Perhaps you will be intrigued and interested in making changes in your own landscape.