• Wentzville Historical Caboose Park + City of Wentzville, MO


    Wentzville Historical Caboose Park – City of Wentzville, Missouri

    The Wentzville Historical Caboose Park is a design-build project developed as part of Wentzville Parks in 2015-2016.  The caboose portion of the park houses historical information about Wentzville and is managed by the Wentzville Historical Society.  Site conditions were challenging due to poor drainage and many utilities located on the site.   Rain gardens, repurposed RxR tracks and a skilled construction crew made this project a unique and creative  addition to the Wentzville Parks system.

  • Heartland Park Angels Memorial Garden – City of Wentzville, MO


     “Angel Moms over St Louis”, a non-profit group, organized fundraising for a Children’s Memorial Park, which was installed in Heartland Park of Wentzville, Missouri.

  • Heartland Park Pavilion Additions – City of Wentzville, MO


    Planting additions were made to the pavilion area at Jake’s Field of Dreams, Wentzville’s all-inclusive playground that was installed in 2018. The playground at Heartland Park, 100 William Dierberg Drive, celebrates the life of Jake Vollmer, a young sports fanatic who passed away in 2012 after a lengthy battle with muscular dystrophy.