The Byer Residence


The Byer Residence was a 70+ year old single family residence in St. Louis requiring a retrofit of the front entrance and backyard space that was sensitive to the family’s needs and respectful of the home’s original architecture.  Concept plans were developed to accommodate present and future needs of the client. Two areas of concern were safety and usability.

The front entry was in disrepair and posed a serious safety problem with uneven steps, trip hazards and lack of railings. This concern was addressed with sweeping wing walls, custom wrought iron rails and consistent step risers which created a safe, grand and welcoming entrance to the home.

Similar conditions were found in the residences backyard space with a large patio area that was broken into smaller, less inviting spaces. The patio space was redesigned with a large, open space with smaller gathering areas indicated by a natural stone fireplace, stone seating walls and natural cedar fencing. The client utilizes this space for neighborhood gatherings of 50+ people as well as a family respite. This project was completed in 2011.